Our targeted strategy services help nonprofit leaders  achieve new levels of clarity and confidence.

business or marketing strategyStrategy is the key to building a stronger, more sustainable nonprofit organization. A well-designed strategic plan gives you a blueprint for decisive action, and our people-focused strategy services — including board development, leadership coaching, and meeting facilitation — can help your nonprofit become more strategic at every level.

Knowledge is power, and as part of our suite of strategy services, Capacity Partners specializes in organizational assessments and various types of studies that will give you critical information and insights — allowing you to make strategic decisions based on your organization’s objective reality, rather than perceptions or assumptions.

With the right strategy, you can gain confidence to take action and know that your organization is headed in the right direction. Our strategy services include:

Strategic Planning

A strategic plan answers the questions: “Who are we?  Where are we going?  How are we going to get there?” Our goal is to facilitate the creation of strategic plan that will move your organization from vision to action and provide an enduring blueprint for success. We don’t want your plan to sit on the shelf!

Using the Capacity Partners® Framework for Strategic Planning, we will collaborate with you to customize the Framework to reflect your organization’s need and goals. Working together, your planning team and our strategy experts will get to the heart of the most critical issues facing your organization in order to design a compelling and actionable plan.

Board Development

Would you like to empower your board to become more effective ambassadors and spokespeople? Is there a clear understanding of staff roles and board roles in your organization, so that each can perform at their full potential? Could your nonprofit benefit from a more productive partnership between your board and executive director?  These are just some of the board development challenges our experts can help you address.

A high-performing board is the hallmark of an effective nonprofit. However, attracting and engaging a dynamic board can be a challenge for many nonprofit leaders, and board members often do not fully understand their roles. Capacity Partners offers both consulting services and hands-on board development training on a wide range of topics, including the roles of nonprofit boards, the attributes of high-performing boards, strategies for attracting and retaining the right board members, and governance models.

Organizational Assessment

An organizational assessment answers the question “How well is our organization performing as a whole? We assess performance by looking at people, policies, processes, and systems. A brief assessment is incorporated into the situational analysis included in our strategic planning framework, but we we also offer organizational assessment as a stand-alone service, since it is a very effective way for leaders take an organization’s temperature between strategic plans or when issues are popping up in various places in the organization. We offer either a high-level “check-up” that will enable you to target areas to examine more closely or a complete assessment of all major functions, including programs.

Leadership Coaching

We work one-on-one with organizational leaders to address challenging issues within the organization and/or to strengthen personal leadership skills. Different from leadership training, our coaching is designed to provide a safe space for a leader to explore issues critical to leadership success in the nonprofit arena, including management style, fundraising skills, and personal style. Capacity Partners provides a confidential sounding board along with with nonprofit management guidance rooted in best practices.


Many times, in-depth analysis of a problem, opportunity, or situation is an essential step to achieving greater clarity. From strategic enrollment studies and market analyses, to nonprofit arena studies, our core team and partner consultants can perform a variety of studies to help you and your team better understand critical issues and key aspects of your nonprofit organization. Studies may be conducted in conjunction with other strategy consulting or as a stand-alone service.

Retreats and Group Facilitation

When your board or directors or senior staff come together to discuss key issues or make important decisions, an outside facilitator can ensure everyone’s time and energy are used effectively towards a common goal. Effective facilitation can help you reach consensus and bring a common vision to the surface. Our facilitation activities are matched to the purpose of your meeting or retreat, and our experienced facilitators know how to keep conversations on point, manage conflict, and help ensure full participation.

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